Boulder County Parks

PROJECT - Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Square Footage: 23,500 sq. ft.
Year Completed: June 2006
ICF system/materials used include: Arxx Building System

Interesting facts about this project:

- ICFs were selected for the exterior walls for its strength, noise reduction capabilities, and energy efficiency. The building is located adjacent to an airport runway and faces extreme exterior noise on a daily basis that necessitated the need for soundproof walls. Plus, with energy costs on the rise, the County of Bolder was interested in building a structure that would minimize energy consumption.

- In the initial design, a steel frame was considered for this project. However, a building framed from steel could not provide the benefits of sound isolation and long-term energy savings desired by Boulder County. As a result, local officials chose to take advantage of sustainable building technology by selecting ICF’s. During the construction phase, steel prices climbed while availability diminished.