Project - Custom Home Single Family Residence

PROJECT - Custom Home Single Family Residence
Location: Hanover, PA
Square Footage: 11,880 sq. ft.
Year Completed: September 2005
ICF system/materials used include: Arxx Building System

Interesting facts about this project:

- This contemporary residence with some traditional touches features multi-level hip roofs and long, flowing horizontal lines. These horizontal lines are extended beyond the boundary of the house with the use of Arxx retaining and courtyard walls.
The horizontal lines of the architect’s design were easily extended with the use of

- Arxx retaining and landscaping walls. The veneer plaster interior finish was easily
installed to the Arxx 8" c/c web system and the dryvit exterior finish installed
easily over the Arxx block.

- Basement walls varied from 12' below grade to walk-out basement in rear. First
floor trusses bearing heights were 8', 10' and 16'. Window openings ranged from
3' to 12'. The varied structural requirements were easily accommodated with the
4" Arxx block thicknesses and ease of installing the structural rebar required for
the varying spans.

- This project uses nearly every size and shape of Arxx forms manufactured. The
home’s owners are happy about the balance of highly energy efficient walls with
enough fenestration to give bright cheery interiors and access to exterior views.