Project - Exhibit Center-Addition to Marriott Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida
Total Area of ICF Wall: 28,800 sq. ft.
Total Area of Building: 49,000 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2004
ICF system/materials used include: 15" iForm by Reward Wall Systems

Interesting facts about the structure that are personalized to this location
and building:

- ICFs were selected because of time and site constraints. Originally designed for tilt-up, but the site was too small to make it workable. See more information at

Expectations upon completion of ICF structure(s) that were sufficiently met include:
- 46' to 54' structural walls successfully installed and poured. Among the highest ICF structural walls ever built.

Unexpected benefits upon completion of the ICF structure(s) include:
- Six weeks shaved from total construction time for main and two auxiliary buildings. Total construction time for all three buildings was eight weeks.