Project - Potato Barn

Location: Greenfield, New Brunswick
Total Area of ICF Wall: 7,770 sq. ft.
Total Area of Building(s): 15,600 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2000
ICF system/materials used include: Arxx High Performance Wallsystem

Expectations upon completion of ICF structure(s) that were sufficiently met include:
- The owner of the building liked "the way the blocks interlock at the bottom and top, assemble easily, and use plastic webbing instead of steel that can trasfer cold through the building."

Story evidence of one or more benefits of using an ICF system:
- Stable temperatures in the potato barn.
- The owners savings come in the form of building maintenance. With the wood structures he expects a 30-year lifespan. He's already performed extensive maintenance on his wood facilities and budgets for three expense categories on them yearly: the monthly payment on the structure, the yearly maintenance, and the yearly cleanup. With the ICF structure, he has a payment and a cleanup bill and doesn't have to allocate any costs to maintenance.
- There is no furnace in the facility as it is self-insulating.