Project - Four-Story Townhouse

Location: Hilton Head, South Carolina
Total Area of Building: 6,200 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2004
ICF system/materials used include: 11" and 13" iForm by Reward Wall Systems

Expectations upon completion of ICF structure(s) that were sufficiently met include:
- Meeting requirements for termites, wind and seismic events.

Story evidence of one or more benefits of using an ICF system became apparent when:
- With the engineering requirements of the 2000 IRC, they were able to build the ICF home for the price of 2 x 4 frame. This is a great value for their clients. Insurance in the area is also expensive, and they got a substantial discount on ICF construction. They also got soundproofing and a firewall at the same time for their common walls.

Unexpected benefits upon completion of the ICF structure include:
- Quality construction, speed of installation and sound attenuation.