Project - Reel Deal Movie Theater

Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Size of Structure: 479-seat four-plex movie theater
Year Completed: 2003
ICF system/materials used include: 13" iForm by Reward Wall Systems

Expectations upon completion of ICF structure(s) that were sufficiently met include:
- New, high-quality movie theater that was needed in the community.

Unexpected benefits upon completion of the ICF structure include:
- Sound deadening qualities and speed of construction.

Story evidence of one or more benefits of using an ICF system became apparent when:
- Construction began in April 2003, and the theater opened for business in December that same year.

Interesting facts about the structure that are personalized to your location and building, but may be shared with others include:
-The owner says the slight additional cost for the ICF construction was worth it because they ended up with a superior building and have received many compliments from their customers.

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