Project - Three Story Custom Home

Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Square Footage: 6,300 sq. ft.
Year Completed: July 2003
ICF system/materials used include: Arxx Building System

Interesting facts about this project:

- Design focuses on utilizing the most efficient green building methods. In addition to choosing Arxx insulated concrete walls, the home owner also decided to use R-80 insulation in the home’s ceilings and took considerable care choosing the home’s heating system.

- An air source heat pump is used to heat the home’s hydronic floors, and a heat recovery ventilator has also been installed. ICF construction maximizes the use of any heating system, but this combination has allowed Casey to realize tremendous monthly cost savings, as evidenced by his utility bills during the winter of 2006 which averaged less than $250/month.

- Since this home is located on five acres and has been built in a wooded area, fire safety is of paramount importance. In addition to the structure’s Arxx walls, the home owner took a number of unique protective measures. A flame retardant concrete tile roof was installed, plus a “fire buffer zone” was created by building a 2400-gallon cistern in an insulated shed within walking distance of the building.