EPS-IA Home Registry

The EPS-IA Home Registry is an online database of ICF homes. This database will enable the ICF industry to compile historical data for the insurance industry. Insurance companies could then use this data to cross-reference their existing customer data and more closely analyze claim histories. Appraisers and real estate agents could use the Registry for comparables. In the future, utility companies could also cross-reference their existing customer data, analyze energy usage and give the ICF industry real world verification of energy savings.

EPS-IA members can enter and edit project information about their respective homes only. The online form is approximately one and a half pages and is easy to complete. Login access can be acquired through the EPS-IA. Free of charge for EPS-IA members only.

Help make a difference in the ICF marketplace. Start entering your homes into the ICFA Home Registry today!

If you have questions regarding the EPS-IA Home Registry and/or would like to log in, please contact the EPS-IA at (888) 864-4232.

If you have a project username and password, login here