ICF Specialist Designation

The Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Specialist designation was created to identify qualified ICF Contractors and Installers. The ICF Specialist designation is intended to increase awareness of ICF construction, as well as recognize and increase the visibility of qualified builders and installers to consumers and all those related to the construction industry.

In each specialist category, criteria is set for the applying company to meet. Please review the Insulating Concrete Form Association ICF Specialist Designation document to review the categories.

To participate in the specialist designation program, please click on the appropriate link below to download the registration form.

Price of participation is $100 per year, per specialist category. The ICF Specialist Designation is for a one-year period from the time of approval and must be renewed each year. Participating company must be a member in good standing of the EPS Industry Alliance and must follow EPS-IA's Code of Ethics and Standards and Practices

If there are any questions, please conatct EPS-IA at (888) 864-4232.


Disclaimer: The EPS-IA Insulating Concrete Form Specialist program is an information-based program established to assist individuals, contractors, design professionals and the general public to learn more about the credentials and experience of its contractor members and is not intended to replace any product-specific company training program. The ICF Specialist program does not indicate the suitability of a company's installation quality assurance program to construct ICF walls, floors or decks.