ICFA Richie Scott Award

2008 ICFA Richie Scott Award

Patrick Murphy
American Polysteel

The ICFA Richie Scott Industry Leadership Award honors the individual who has distinguished him/herself as a leader and made significant contributions to the ICF industry throughout their career. This year's award goes to Patrick Murphy, American Polysteel, who has always been at the cutting edge of the industry, with a vision of the ability of ICFs to "Build a Better World."

Early in his career, Murphy led his company in an outreach program to help rebuild homes in a tornado ravaged community. Convinced that ICFs could offer a safe haven for Americans, Murphy went straight to FEMA with his message which eventually developed into the FEMA publication "Taking Shelter from the Storm." He believed in the value of ICFs in helping people in need, and was instrumental in convincing the city of Lubbock to build affordable housing with ICFs, recently celebrating the 100th ICF house. This project has been the catalyst for many other affordable housing projects with ICFs. Early on, Murphy understood the need to get the public excited about this product and decided to pair ICFs with cutting edge IT advances in the "DotCom" House, which he built as part of the popular Bob Vila TV program. This program was viewed by thousands, and served to increase the interest in ICF construction. In order to reach the builder community, Murphy partnered with PCA to build the NAHB Showcase Concrete Houses, and the NAHB Path Concept house. On yet another occasion, Murphy joined forces with BASF to build the BASF Better Home, Better Planet and promote the use of ICFs for sustainable construction.

Murphy truly believed that ICFs were good "green" products, and submitted the whole Polysteel line for the "Cradle to Cradle" certification and earned a silver level of certification. But perhaps Pat himself said it best: "PolySteel is committed to improving our quality of life by improving the quality of the shelters we build, the lives of those involved in the process, and the environment in which we all live, work, and play as we strive to become better human beings, and leave the world a little better than we found it." We thank Pat not only for his leadership in growing the markets for ICFs, but in helping us understand the contribution we can offer to make the world a better place.

Contratulations, Pat