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 USGBC LEED Credit Areas

  • Optimize energy
  • Recycled content
  • IAQ 

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Architectural Advantages of ICFs
Design Options - EPS Foam can easily be shaped to create arches, radius walls, pilasters, step footings, and parapet walls. Web connectors are available in a wide range of lengths, creating variable wall thicknesses to accommodate the design of the steel reinforcement.

USGBC LEED Points- ICF Construction can significantly contribute to the optimized energy points, as well as recycled content, local manufacturing. ICFs offer many other "green" advantages, such as air tight construction and no off-gassing for better control of indoor air quality, minimal construction waste, durable building materials and performance. ICF Points to LEED

Construction Specifications ICF Construction can be designed to meet non combustible construction qualifications. It also offers an STC of 51 for a 6" concrete wall for projects needing sound reduction.

Minimimize Waste While there is no mandatory modulus for ICFs, certain considerations will result in ease of construction, minimal waste and optimized block material. Wall dimensions in increments of the interlocking system (either one or two full inch increments), wall height to avoid cutting the top course, and even attention to the use of 45 degree block sizes for bay windows can make a difference..

Window Heights ICFs are easily cut to the window rough opening, and reinforced with rebar around the opening. Several buck systems are available in wood, metal and plastics to speed up construction and provide solid anchor points for the window materials.

ICF Applications - There is really no limit to the opportunities with ICF construction - Multi-unit residential, apartment complexes, assisted living, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, box stores, strip malls Hospitals, clinics, clean-room manufacturing. Even outdoor uses such as swimming pools, retaining walls, or even water towers.