ICFA Contractor of the Year Award

2008 ICFA Contractor of the Year:

Harry Pilkington & Greg Fasano
Icon Structures, LLC
Fort Myers, Florida

The ICFA Contractor Award is the premier industry recognition for ICF contractors who have demonstrated a loyal commitment to the ICF industry. This award is based on the quantity and quality of ICF installs as well as support of ICF construction in general including follow-up with other trades, potential client support, technical knowledge and promotion of the ICF industry.

This year's winners have truly led the way in moving ICF construction rapidly and successfully into commercial and large-building construction. Harry Pilkington and Greg Fasano of Icon Structures, LLC have broken new ground in the complexity of design and construction with ICFs, opening doors for other projects and contractors along the way.

With the partners combined experience and keen insights into ways to streamline large-scale building construction, they have demonstrated that ICF projects can compete on budget and speed of construction. Icon Structures will contract with any ICF block to install their projects and has been known to come to the assistance of other contractors. In fact, Harry's first project was to help out on an ICF condominium project which ended up being the tallest ICF building ever construction, at 11 stories. Greg was recently involved in cutting edge residential projects, adapting construction techniques more commonly found in commercial work to provide the solutions for seemingly impossible design challenges.

Both Harry and Greg are active in promoting ICFs to generate new work and opening up new markets. But most of all, they always follow through and make sure the customer is satisfied. The resulting customer referral and good will has propelled Icon Structures to become the premier commercial and large-project ICF contracting company in the world. We thank Icon Structures for their unwavering dedication to the industry and professionalism in their work, and know they are well deserving of the 2008 ICFA Contractor of the Year Award.