Member Benefits & Programs

EPS-IA offers member firms a full range of services and benefits which include recognition of your company on EPS-IA's member list identifies you as an active player in the industry, and helps customers find you. Contractor and Distributor Members are listed by state or province.


EPS-IA's website draws an average of 24,000 unique visitors each month, adding to the credibility of member firms and the industry. We also offer all ICFA members the opportunity to subscribe to the EPS-IA Leads Database. This database is composed of qualified sales prospect inquiries made directly to the EPS-IA and to the Portland Cement Association. Each lead is added to the leads database for EPS-IA members to access immediately.


The EPS-IA interactive online member search receives thousands of visits each month and is posted as a searchable database. Members can reach potential customers by adding their contact information, company description, email and hyperlink to their own site from our searchable member database.


EPS-IA's printed quarterly newsletter, the ICF Dialogue, keeps you up to date on important industry news, as well as Association programs, meetings/expos and other industry events and information vital to your business. In addition members receive, a bi-weekly electronic newsletter keeping them current on all industry news.


EPS-IA's Annual Conference and EXPO brings together members from all different levels of the industry, giving them a chance to network with their peers, gain greater insight into critical industry issues and get involved in the inner workings of the Association. Additionally, EPS-IA Conference and Expos give Associate and Contributing Associate members the opportunity to sponsor events, display and demonstrate products and distribute literature at EPS-IA meetings.


We also offer opportunities for your company to participate in national and local promotion events — such as educational seminars and demonstration projects — sponsored by EPS-IA, allied national associations, or our partners in regional cement and concrete promotion groups throughout North America.

ICFA promotes your business through programs designed specifically for members. EPS-IA's Excellence Awards program promotes the best ICF projects throughout North America.

Periodic technical bulletins detail research sponsored by EPS-IA and allied associations on topics such as energy efficiency, structural performance, fire and sound transmission, etc. This information can be located in EPS-IA's Technical Library on the EPS-IA website.


EPS-IA represents our industry at building codes hearings to advance the use of ICFs through code changes and standard writing. It also issue updates on important codes-related issues, such as prescriptive design and pest control.


As members of the EPS-IA, QAI Laboratories offers a special deal on its services exclusive to other EPS-IA members. QAI will perform the evaluation of any existing data regarding ICFs to the ASTM 2012 International Building Codes at no charge. Also, QAI offers a 10% discount on all services to fellow EPS-IA members. QAI is the only testing agency that is a member of the EPS-IA. More detailed information can be read here.


New Members are Eligible for:

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Our 2013 Membership Application is available for download. Payment can be made via check or credit card. Just download, print and complete our 2006 Membership Application and fax or mail it to the EPS-IA for immediate membership activation. The EPS-IA Membership application is in PDF format.